HD-F780 Chair Seat and Back Tester
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D-F780 Chair Seating and Back Durability Tester

Equipment Description

The machine is designed to test seating and back by specified load block with setting force and speed, to assess chair seating and back durability.

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                                          General Specifications: 

Machine Dimensions: (W x D x H) 2750*1510*1350 mm

Power supply source: single-phase, AC220V±10%, 50/60Hz (can be appointed)

Gross Weight: 750kg

Force actuator height is adjustable to suit different kinds of chair


Test cycles: 0999,999 (adjustable

Test speed: 030 time /min

Force of the actuator is adjustable

Seating load: 5200kg

Back load: 5100kg

Compressed air requirement: 6 kg/cm2

Holding and cyclic time: 099S

Control model: PLC, Programmable controller

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A:  PLC and LCD touch screen

B:  Air cylinder

C:  Back loading pad

D:  Imported sensors  

E:  Seat loading pad   

F:  Positions adjustable


Application standards:

BS EN 1728-2012; BS EN 1335-3-2009; BS EN 581-2-2009;


Specific test articles:

BS EN 1728-2012

6.4 Seat static load and back static load test

a) Position the seat loading pad(s) at the seat loading position(s) determined by the loading point template.

b) If the item has a back, position the centres of the back loading pad(s), either at the back loading position

6.5 Seat Front Edge Static Load

6.18 Seat front edge durability test

7.3 Combined seat and back static load test

7.4 Seat front edge static load test

7.9 Seat and back durability



BS EN 1335-3-2009

7.2.2  Combined seat and back static load test

7.3.1  Seat and back durability



BS EN 581-2:2009

B.2.1.1  Seat and back static load test

B.2.1.2  Seat and back fatigue test