HD-F735 Chair Arm Tester
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HD-F735 Chair Arm Durability Tester

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Product description:

The machine is designed to evaluate the ability of the chair to withstand stresses that occur as a result of repetitive loading that can be imposed on the armrest structure. Loading of this type is the result of using the armrests as a support when getting into or out of the chair.


Tester Introduction:

Test rig for chair leg strength test according to BS EN 1335-3, BS EN 12520,


Technical Parameters:

1. Test rate: 10 to 30 times / min

2. Armrest height adjustment range: 550mm ~ 950mm

3. Adjustable applied force and adjustable force holding time

4. Power: one phase, AC 220V, 50Hz

5. Dimension: w*d*h (188*103*230cm)

Test Procedure:

BS EN 1335-3-2009 clause 7.2.4 Arm rest downward static load test – front

The arm rests shall be loaded vertically by means of the local loading pads. The loading points shall be 75 mm from the front edge and centred side to side.

Apply the force to both arm rests simultaneously (see Figure 1).

   F  horizontal force  (Figure 1)

BS EN 1335-3-2009 clause 7.2.5 Arm rest sideways static load test

Apply an outward horizontal force to both arm rests simultaneously. Apply the forces to the edge of the arm

rest at the point along the arm rest most likely to cause failure but not less than 75 mm from the front or rear edge (see Figure 2).

  F  horizontal force( Figure 2)

BS EN 1335-3-2009 clause 7.3.2 Arm rest durability

Apply simultaneously and cyclically the force on each arm rest at points 100 mm behind the foremost point of the arm rest length. Apply a force of (10 ± 5) N through a loading device in principle functioning as shown in Figure 3. With this force applied adjust the apparatus so that each "arm" of the test apparatus has an

angle of 10° ± 1° to the vertical. The length of the "arm" of the test apparatus shall be 600 mm ± 10 mm. The arm rests shall be allowed to deform freely.

 ( Figure 3)

BS EN 12520